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Introduction to Plafarm brand
Simply look at the BI to see what plafarm means. The BI illustrates the P of
plafarm while focusing on the motives of newly sprouting green, trees, leaves
and fruits. The natural image of plafarm is emphasized and the green color is
selected as the main color and red, yellow, orange and brown are selected
as the sub colors to help the BI to be in harmony with various places.
The primary symbolic illustration shows the newly growing sprout emerging
from the surface of soil which stands for the beginning of hopes and the
life and the strength. The secondary symbolic illustration shows the goals
of the farm - trees and fruits. A good tree has lots of fruits from itself
and a good farm produces lots of crops. So, a good brand, plafarm also
produces good products.

At present, there is an internet shopping mall exclusively selling plafarm
products. It is very popular among Koreans with the ages 20 to 30 as the
sales volume indicates..
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