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CEO Greetings

The (spirit of) Korean entrepreneurism was born with the ¡°Miracle of
Han River¡¯ in the ¡®60s. As we moved through the age of informationalization,
this spirit is soaring high once again.

Although many manufacturers all sorts of brands, not all of them can
succeed. Of course, there are many factors that decide whether a brand
succeeds or fails.

Jeonwon Tech can help you. We can resolve all your issues - design,
molding, and extrusion in one place. You can save you a great deal of time
and money. With our 20 years of experiences and technologies,
Jeonwon Tech is making the best efforts to produce state of the art products
that can deliver the key functions of our brand image.

Thanks for your time.

Lee Jae Jeon , President